anyone is free to do nothing with the artist

I stand still, attempting to be mindfully present. Audience members are offered these written instructions:

Anyone is Free to Do Nothing With The Artist

“Anyone” is you or anyone else.
“Free” means you may do it, of your own will and at your own expense.
“Do Nothing” means to remain in one place in the room, whilst minimising your movement, communication, noise and thinking.
“With” means in the (venue) during the following times (dates, times), for the duration of which the Artist will Do Nothing also.
“The Artist” is James Cunningham.

In 2013, it is performed in

  • Room60 Bar, Brisbane, during 4-hour periods on four consecutive days
  • Metro Arts, Brisbane, for a 2-hour period as part Intimate Encounters in The Brisbane Festival.
The panel behind which is the participatory performance “Anyone is Free to Do Nothing With The Artist”, in Intimate Encounters, September 2013