Navigating the perception of self—within, and moving into a place—through the material, tactile and sonic qualities of a costume that extends my body via 40 3m-long carbon-fibre rods, I perform tentative actions of minute and enlarged scale, breathing, feeling, reaching and transferring into the walls, ceiling and floor of the space, and resonating with, or reacting to, data feeding back from the architectural and peopled surroundings.

I perform Antennae in

  • EXIST-ENCE 5 international festival of live art, performance art, and action art, 2013—curated by Rebecca Cunningham and Nicola Morton.
  • SEAM 2013 AUDIENCE AUTHORSHIP CURATION—curated by Benedict Anderson, Margie Medlin and Paul Gazzola.

Antennae in EXIST-ENCE 5