The Feldy Effect

Through the Feldenkrais Method, which I first encountered in 1987, I have come to understand, on a somatic level, three major connections between neurology and movement: first, that the form of any movement the body would make already exists in the neurological impulse for that movement; second, in order to free oneself from restrictive patterns of movement one must examine the very moment when the thought impulse reaches the muscles and; third, visualising a movement (whilst not enacting it) is enormously effective in learning how to enact that movement in a freer way. Visualisation, non-judgemental observation and attention to the infinitesimal beginnings of movement have all played a part in the development of my practice.

First published in Inflexions–a journal of research creation.
James Cunningham. “Breathing the Walls.” Inflexions 6, “Arakawa and Gins”
(January 2013). 168–187.